The Bitter-Sweet Truth
About My Success And A
Shocking Uncensored
Confession. . .
(In About 560 Words)

Hey there my friend,

Justin here,

And I have a brief personal story that I'd like to share with you.

Just 5 short years ago I was mentally, emotionally and financially broke.

In fact, I had to resort to selling my Macbook to a guy in Starbucks for $1,200 (true story!) and I had spent $3,000 on that thing.

The truth was: I was desperate to succeed online.

I had maxed out several credit cards and owed 4 people money.

My dad, 3 of my friends, and 3 credit card companies.

What’s more, I didn’t have $20 to my name, I had more like negative (-$800) in my bank account.

The 34 dollar over withdrawal fee’s from Chase haunted me in those days.

Sometimes I’d wake up to as much as 8 of those suckers!

I didn’t get much sleep back then.

I had 2 Full-Time jobs and was desperate to create a profitable online business.

I worked 9am-5pm at my day job.

And then on Internet marketing 6pm-8pm when I got home.

I then worked from 9pm-7am until next morning- lifting all night  long at wholesale warehouse.

By the time I got home- I’d sleep from 7:30am-8:30am and get ready for work: again.

It was insanity.

At my 9-5 job I’d be answering the phones and sleeping in my chair as I was sitting up.

I’d literally wake back up when the phone rang or a customer came in with questions, or if I was asked to file some paperwork.

So what made all the difference in the world?

How could it be possible for a guy in this situation who had already exhausted all of his options and resources to possibly create a brighter future?

The answer was: mentorship.

Luckily, when everything was going completely down-hill I clutched my “personal power” and “get the edge” tapes from Tony Robbins like a life raft.

I’d constantly listen to those things, whenever and where ever I could.

And slowly I came up with an idea and implemented it and it worked.

I was able to dig myself out of the gigantic hole I had put myself in.

And today, I successfully generate multi-6-figures of annual profit.

And I’ve helped over 52 people literally start to do the same [and] do the same currently.

It was not all sunshine and roses for me.

In fact- quite the opposite.

I know what it tastes like to have life give you a giant Shit-Sandwhich.

If we ever get a chance to speak in person or by phone I’ll tell you what actually led to this entire situation 5 years ago- the root cause that is.

It’s NOT what you’d think, and because it was outside of my control and I had felt completely helpless.

Hope it never happens or has happened to you :)

Just want to let you know the battle scars I wear in order to have survived and thrive- in this crazy world we live in.

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Don’t feel pressured- either- 

I’m a pretty relaxed and genuine guy.

If you are up for it- then hit me up.

Speak soon,

Justin “Has Battle Scars Too” Spencer

To Your Massive Success in Business and Life,

Justin Spencer



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